About 33Vincent Academy

33Vincent began as a 100% virtual team of Executive Assistants of the highest caliber, working to help busy people enjoy their lives, their work and their loved ones just a little bit more. Our team is made up of incredibly talented individuals with diverse backgrounds in fields such as Executive Assistance, Marketing, Advertising, Event Planning, Finance and Sales, among others. We have worked for big companies as well as small start-ups and boutique agencies from coast to coast. We are each unique but we share some things in common: we are planners, organizers, achievers and do-ers. We are great at what we do and we want to share our expertise in the world of virtual work, running a business, and client services with you. That's when 33Vincent Academy, a new branch of our business was born.

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For more information on our co-founders, read about Casey & Paige.

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